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That much baggage would definitely put me off. It's not about being above material stuff it's about being realistic and practical. He can't help having kids with prison records or a dead wife I suppose but no job, no money and no driving licence? That's not much to show for 50+ years on the planet.

The very small thing that would really get the alarm bells ringing is that he's already bent your ear about caring for his wife, the awful illness etc. Yes, he's obviously very caring etc. but men who go on about exes (dead or otherwise) are very boring.

I think no matter what, dating someone without children is going to be tough. Is it necessary for your situation to stay exactly how it is, in regards to caring/living with your dad and siblings? I would encourage you to at least consider other options so that you can branch out and have your own family, hopefully with this man. Have you talked with your children about their feelings about the situation? Keep me posted. I've had issues with men not wanting to commit to a relationship because of the kids and the ex-husband's involvement, so I'm interested to see what works for other women. :)

“Feel free to have your way with whomever your partner is; but don’t hitch your cart to a horse headed into a ditch,” says Gail Vaz-Oxlade, money guru and author of Money Rules .

Dating guy has no money

Dating guy has no money